Joe Biden does not support Kurdish independence: magazine
The British Politics Magazine wrote that US President elect Joe Biden may have more support for the Kurds than current President Donald Trump, but Biden would not support the independence of the Iraqi Kurds.

US President-elect Joe Biden, who is more familiar with Kurdish issues than Donald Trump, has created optimism among Iraqi and Syrian Kurdish officials.

"Like Donald Trump, Joe Biden will be more supportive of the Syrian Kurds," the British Magazine Politics, like most Western English-language media outlets, wrote in a note on Tuesday, November 24.

The magazine went on to say that Joe Biden will continue to support the Syrian Kurdish forces and that US military aid to the Syrian Kurds will increase.

However, the magazine warned that Joe Biden's declaration of support for the Kurds and his record of supporting some Kurdish issues, such as the establishment of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region, does not mean his support for the independence of the Kurdish region because he believes in maintaining Iraqi territorial integrity.

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