At least two killed in car bomb blast in Afrin
At least two people were killed and nineteen others were wounded on Tuesday, November 24, in a car bomb blast near the entrance to the industrial zone in the Turkish-occupied Kurdish city of Afrin in Aleppo governorate in northern Syria

The car exploded near the Kawa roundabout, according to North Press Agency.

On Tuesday, a military trainer in the Turkish-backed Ahrar al-Sharqiya faction, along with his children, suffered various wounds as a result of a grenade throwing at them.

On October 26, three civilians were killed and ten others were injured when a bicycle bomb went off near Al-Quban roundabout in Afrin city on the road to Jenderes district.

In March 2018, Turkish forces and its pro-Syrian insurgents occupied Afrin and its surroundings and forced the Kurdish-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) to retreat. Since then, the city has witnessed security chaos, blasts, infighting sand reported lootings, rapes and other human rights abuses.

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