Soldiers killed and wounded in an ISIS attack on a Kirkuk polling station
A security source in Kirkuk province said a police officer was killed and two others were wounded when ISIS elements attacked a polling station in the northern Kurdish-majority province.

According to Shafaq News, a military source in Kirkuk province stated: An major officer was killed and two other policemen were wounded as a result of the ISIS attack on a polling station in the village of Satih in Rashad district, in southwestern part of Kirkuk.

It is worth noting that a security source told Shafaq News on Sunday evening that sniper elements from the ISIS terrorist organization attacked a polling station at the Khartoum school in the village of Satih in Kirkuk Rashad district.

According to the security source, a policeman from Rashad district was injured in the attack. Following the attack, Iraqi Federal Police 19th Brigade forces were dispatched to the area to deal with the source of the shooting, after which logistics equipment of the polling station was transferred from the area without any damage.

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