IHEC announced number of seats secured by Kurdistan Region's political parties
On Monday, Oct 11, the Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced initial results for Iraq’s parliamentary election in 10 provinces across the country.

Candidates that won most votes in Erbil governorate are as follows:


First Circle: (Four seats)

-Nahro Mahmoud Qadr (KDP): 29,694 votes

-Sipan Aziz Hadu (KDP): 25,233 votes

-Mohammed Sideeq Mohammed (KDP): 24,128 votes

-Jwan Abdullah Omer (KDP): 9,174 votes


Second Circle: (Fourt seats)

-Wzira Ahmed Braim (New Generation): 18,459 votes

-Khidr Ali Sadiq (KDP): 17,992 votes

-Amanj Mahmoud Asad (KDP) 15,882 votes

-Kurdo Omer Abdulla (Kurdistan Coalition): 13,846 votes


Third Circle: (Three seats)

-Rebwar Hadi Abdulrahman (KDP): 17,202 votes

-Vian Abdulaziz Abdulrahman (New Generation): 11,063 votes

-Layla Akram Saeed (KDP): 7,078 votes


Fourth Circle: (Four seats)

-Mohammed Ismael Omer (New Generation): 17,913 votes

-Mariwan Qarani Ibrahim (KDP): 15,118 votes

-Sabah Subhi Haidar (KDP): 12,404 votes

-Nahla Qadir Mohammed (KDP): 9,995 votes


The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) committee for election rejected the initial results in Erbil governorate, saying the votes had been changed.


Candidates that won most votes in Sulaimani Governorate


First Circle: (Four Seats)

-Rebwar Awrahman Wasta Salih (New Generation): 12,255 votes

-Yadgar Mahmoud Nasrallah (KDP): 6,069 votes

-Narmin Maruf Ghafur (Kurdistan Coalition): 5,862 votes

-Dara Hama Ahmed Hassan (Kurdistan Islamic Union): 5,389 votes


Second Circle: (Three seats)

-Badriyah Ibrahim Rashid (New Generation): 19,098 votes

-Bryar Rashid Sharif (Kurdistan Coalition): 11,462 votes

-Aso Faraidun Ali (Kurdistan Coalition): 8,979 votes


Third Circle: (Three seats)

-Chro Hama Sharif (Kurdistan Coalition): 12,254 votes

-Muthana Amin Nadr (Kurdistan Islamic Union): 11,156 votes

-Aryan Aziz Ahmed (New Generation): 9,066 votes


Fourth Circle: (Four seats)

-Srwa Abdulwahid Qadr (New Generation): 22,634 votes

-Soran Omer Saeed (Kurdistan Justice Group): 18,886 votes

-Gharib Ahmed Mustafa (Kurdistan Coalition): 15,360 votes

-Badriya Hussein Aziz (Kurdistan Coalition): 13,465 votes


Fifth circle (Four seats)

-Moqfaq Hussein Qadr(New Generation): 14,567 votes

-Shwan Mohammed Rostam (KDP): 6,335 votes

-Srwa Mohammed Rashid (Kurdistan Coalition): 5,452 votes

-Rizgar Mohammed Kareem (Kurdistan Coalition): 5,346 votes


 Candidate that won most votes in Duhok governorate as follows:


First Circle (Four seats)

-Jamal Ahmed Mohammed: 45,079 votes

-Khalid Salim Amin Jasim (KDP): 22,223 votes

-Khalil Ghazi Hussein (KDP): 20,592 votes

-Avin Saleem Nuri (KDP): 15,506 votes


Second Circle: (Three seats)

-Sagvan Yousif Bashar (KDP): 19,430 votes

-Omer Salih Omer: 17,171 votes

-Zozan Ali Salih (KDP): 16,590 votes


Third Circle: (Four seats)

-Mufaq Shahab Pasha Shahab (KDP): 22,147 votes

-Chya Taymur Abdal (KDP): 18,436 votes

-Iman Abdulrazaq Mohammed (KDP): 14,164 votes

-Vian Sabri Abdulkhaliq (Kurdistan Coalition): 13,867 votes


Candidate that won most votes in Kirkuk governorate


First Circle (Five seats)

-Shakhawan Abdullah Ahmed (KDP): 31,548 votes

-Omed Mohammed Ahmed (New Generation): 19,489 votes

-Dilan Ghafour Salih (Kurdistan Coalition): 18,173 votes

-Sabah Habib Qadir (Kurdistan Coalition): 13,243 votes

-Muhaiman Ali Hussein Ibrahim: 12,407 votes


Second Circle (Four seats)

-Arshad Rashad Fathullah (Turkmen Front): 19,584 votes

-Gaylan Qadir Ali (Kurdistan Coalition): 11,232 votes

-Najwa Hamid Mohammed (KDP): 10,018 votes

-Sawsan Abdulwahid Shakir (Turkmen): 6,542 votes

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