Delegation from Sadr movement to visit Kurdistan
A delegation from Sadrist movement that won most of the votes in Iraq’s parliamentary election will pay a visit to the Kurdistan Region to discuss the formation of a coalition in Baghdad, a politician said on Saturday.

Iraq’s electoral commission said late on Saturday that voter turnout in October 10 election had reached 43%. It was 41 percent when the commission announced preliminary results.

Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr said his movement secured the biggest number of seats in the parliament, adding that he would not challenge the results.

 “We will seek to form [a] non-sectarian and non-ethnic national coalition under the umbrella of reform,” al-Sadr, who opposes all foreign interference and whose main rivals are Shia groups, said in a statement on Saturday.

Hakim Zamli, member of Sadrist movement’s negotiation delegation, said on Saturday that the movement had formed a negotiation delegation to discuss with the other parties the formation of a new government and a parliamentary bloc.

 “We will soon start talks to form the largest parliamentary bloc and a new government.” He told Esta Media Network.

The Sadrist movement’s delegation would also visit the Kurdistan Region in the near future and would hold talks with several Kurdish parties to form a coalition.

 “We want the Kurds to take part in our coalition,” Zamli added.

Kurds have secured 63 seats of Iraqi Council of Representatives during the general election, according to the preliminary results announced by the electoral commission.

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