Catalan parliament recognises autonomous Syrian-Kurdish administration
Kurdish officials have celebrated what they described as “a historic” moment after the Catalan parliament voted on Wednesday to recognise the Autonomous Area of North East Syria, better known as Rojava.

“The recognition is a very great achievement and confirms the completely right methodology of self-determination as a solution to the current Syrian crisis,” a Rojava statement said today, Thursday, October 22.
The administration thanked “our friends in Catalonia” after 80 out of 129 parliamentarians voted in favour of a motion to recognise the semi-autonomous administration.
The resolution recognised it as a legitimate administration “based on democratic confederalism as a political entity.”
“The Kurds say their only friends are the mountains. From today on, the Catalan people will also be their friends,” parliamentarian Eulalia Reguant said.
It is the first regional parliament to formally recognise the Kurdish-led political body, although the move is unsurprising given the Catalan parliament’s own bid for independence from Spain.
What recognition means in practical terms is unclear, but officials believe it is a symbolic step towards the wider recognition sought by the Kurdish authorities.
Kurdish officials have attempted to court US support for the administration.
A number of sources told the Morning Star that appeals to Washington undermined the case for autonomy and damaged the supposed “anti-imperialist” credentials of the movement.
Syrian Democratic Council co-chair Ilham Ahmed has come under fire after being photographed with a range of pro-Trump anti-abortion lobbyists during recent meetings in Washington.
Concerns were raised after a picture emerged of Ms Ahmed with Joni Ernst, a Republican who has also endorsed politicians with alleged links to far-right white supremacist groups.
The meeting with Ms Ernst, who has petitioned the Supreme Court to annul the Roe v Wade ruling which protects pregnant women’s right to choose, took place as women in Texas were protesting against abortion restrictions.
Sources accused Ms Ahmed of displaying “an appalling lack of judgement” which runs counter to the ideals of a women-led movement.
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