At least thirteen killed and 25 injured in ISIS attack in Diyala
At least thirteen people were killed and twenty-five others were wounded in an Islamic State (ISIS) attack in al-Rashad village in Diyala governorate’s al-Miqdadiya district on Tuesday night, October 26, Deputy Governor Karim Ali said.

A security source told NRT that most of the victims are civilians, including women and children.
Confrontation between the group’s militants and Iraqi security forces and residents continue as of late Tuesday night.
According to the report the militants planted mines on the roads around the village and targetted residents and security forces.
Earlier Tuesday a police officer told Anadolu Agency that a group of ISIS terrorists attacked Diyala’s village of Al-Rashad with sniper rifles and machine guns.
First Lt. Shaalan al-Kameli said that the terrorists opened fire on residents of the village, adding that they escaped after the arrival of an Iraqi military force.
In recent months, ISIS terrorists have escalated their attacks, especially in the area between Kirkuk, Salahaddin, and Diyala, known as the Triangle of Death.
In 2017, Iraq declared victory over ISIS by reclaiming all territories the terrorist group controlled since the summer of 2014, about one-third of the country’s territory.
The group, however, still maintains sleeper cells in large areas of Iraq and occasionally launches attacks.
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