We would not stay silent in face of Erdogan's expansionist ambitions: PYD official
A member of the Central Committee of the Syrian Democratic Union Party (PYD) said: "Everyone in the world knows that contrary to [Turkey President Recep Tayyip] Erdogan's slogans, his intention was not freedom and security for the people in northern Syria, but he seeks expansionism and aggression in Syria and has always emphasized that to revive the dream of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey borders would go to Aleppo, Kirkuk and Mosul.

"This is an old plan by Erdogan to change the demographics and the population structure in Syrian Kurdistan and even expel those who are native to these areas through population displacement," said Ahmed Sheikho, the (PYD) committee member, referring to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's plan to resettle 4 million Syrian refugees on border with Syrian Kurdistan.

He continued: "These changes are not only in terms of population, but they are also cultural, social, political and economic. Turkish language has turned into the official language of the regions and the Turkish currency is used in the daily trades and Turkey treats these occupied areas like a region of its own country."

Mr. Sheikho added: "Since the beginning of the Syrian war, Turkey has sought to occupy Kurdish areas and replace the population of these areas with "Syrian fighters and terrorists "who have migrated to these areas from other places such as Hama and Ghouta. Now Gri Spi, Sarikani, Afrin and Jerablus as well as some other areas have turned into the hotbeds of these "extremist and terrorist groups", and all are under the command of Erdogan and Turkey.

The PYD official stated that they are not silent in the face of this aggression, adding that: "Today, the people of northern Syria are standing up to Turkey, both through the daily demonstrations in northern Syria and through the demonstrations that are taking place abroad, and we are seeking international condemnation of Turkey for this aggression through all international legal channels.

Ahmed Sheikho noted: "The people of the occupied territories would not remain silent in the face of this action and from time to time declare their protest against Turkey behaviors."

The United States and Russia, as international powers and guarantors of a ceasefire in northern Syria, need to warn Turkey about this aggression. Currently Turkey is violating and altering the demographic structure of these areas, which shows that they do not care about Turkey's aggressive behavior," The Democratic Union Party committee member reminded about the role of the United States and Russia in northern Syria.

"At the moment, with all our democratic actions around the world, we are seeking to abandon Turkey from its aggressive policies and abandon its policy of population replacement," Ahmed Sheikho said.

He concluded: "The whole world knows that contrary to Erdogan's slogans, his intention was not freedom and security for the people of northern Syria, but he seeks aggression in Syria."

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