Joe Biden is against a Kurdish corridor in northern Syria: magazine
The creation of a Kurdish corridor in northern Syria, even under Joe Biden, is not desirable for Washington, National Interest Magazine wrote about US President- elect Joe Biden's earlier opposition to the Syrian Kurds over the creation of a Kurdish corridor in northern Syria:

The election of Biden as the new president of the United States has created optimism among some Kurdish officials, especially in Iraq and Syria.

Syrian Kurds hope Joe Biden will keep US forces in Syrian Kurdish-controlled areas and protect them from possible Turkish military operations.

But the American National Interest political magazine echoed Biden's words in Ankara when he was US President deputy in Barack Obama administration and stated that Turkey is a powerful ally of the United States and a NATO member and that Joe Biden may not live up to Kurdish expectations.

The Washington Post wrote in its August 24, 2016 issue, which covered Joe Biden's press conference with then-Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim that: "Joe Biden threatened the Syrian Kurds that if they do not return to the east of the Euphrates after taking control of the city of Manbij, as Turkey demands, the United States will cut off its support for the Syrian Kurds.

Biden had warned the Syrian Kurds in the joint conference with Yildirim about the creation an independent state near the Turkish border.

"The United States currently has only a few hundred troops in the Kurdish-controlled areas of Syria," National Interest magazine wrote in an article on Friday, November 27, about a possible US approach to Turkey. The magazine believes that Joe Biden is not expected to send more troops to Syria to support the Syrian Kurds and protect them from a possible Turkish attack.

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