US and Europe do not care about the fate of Kurds: Ukrainian professor
Vladimir Kornilov, a professor of political science and a Ukrainian historian, believes that neither Europe nor the United States cares about the fate of the Kurds.

"The United States and Europe have long lost interest in the Kurds," said Vladimir Kornilov, a Ukrainian political analyst, referring to the current situation of Kurdish refugees on Belarus –Poland border.

"The United States used the Kurds in Iraq and Syria to advance its own interests," he told Belarus TV Channel 1, adding that "The Kurds hoped that the United States would reciprocate their allegiance to Washington and help them establish an independent state, but the United States betrayed them and left them alone."

Referring to the withdrawal of American troops from northern Syria and the expulsion of the Kurds following the Turkish military operation into the region, the political scientist added: "The United States withdrew its forces for its own interests and left the Kurds alone in the face of the Turkish invasion."

He stressed that the West, the United States and Europe do not care in the slightest about the fate of the Kurds, and that this can be instructive for Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Iraq and countries that have high hopes for the West and the United States.

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