Bakhtiar return to Kurdistan Region after receiving treatment in Germany
The Deputy chairperson of the Political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Malla Bakhtiar, has returned to Sulaimani after a treatment trip to Berlin, Germany's capital city, earlier this month.

Upon his private jet's landing on the Tarmacs of Sulaimani Airport, Bakhtiar was received by members of the Politburo, the leading Council, Sulaimani Governor, and a group of citizens.

In a press conference he held upon his arrival, Bakhtiar said that himself, PUK co-leader Bafel Talabani, and other leaders of the party were all subject to assassination attempts by "someone who wants to harm the PUK."

The PUK leader said that he paid the cost of "combating corruption inside the corridors of the party."

According to Shafaq News Malla Bakhtiar added that he will hold a press conference at the Mam Jalal shrine tomorrow, Sunday, to disclose the circumstances of the failed assassination attempt against him.

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