PYD should release political prisoners: ENKS official
A member of the Syrian Kurdish National Council (ENKS) said that talks between the ENKS and the Patriotic Kurdish Patriotic Union Parties (PYNK) had been suspended due to the absence of the US representative in the talks.

"Negotiations continued at the highest levels, and in the last eight years we have reached fundamental agreements, including a political agreement and the formation of a high-level joint committee," said Qadri Can, a member of the regional delegation of the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party and also a member of the delegation of the ENKS in Qamishli, in response to a KurdPress question about the fate of the Kurdish-Kurdish talks between the ENKS and the PYNK.

He continued: "Currently, the talks have been suspended due to the absence of the US representative in the talks."

He added: "With the end of the term of the US representative in Syria until the election of a new person and also due to the US presidential election, the talks have been postponed. We hope to be able to discuss other issues that need serious discussion soon."

The ENKS official said about the differences in the negotiations: "One of the cases is the teaching Kurdish language in schools. Also the contents of the books should change as the students should know about regional and international issues so that the students could be able to to study at universities in Syria and Europe."

Qadri Can clarified: "The next case is to clarify the situation of the detainees who have been detained and imprisoned by the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and there is no news about them until today and there is no information about the fate of some of them for several years."

Also a member of the Syrian Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP.S), Mr. Can told KurdPress that: "We also need to agree on the Roj Peshmerga forces. Eight thousand young Syrian Kurds live in the Iraqi Kurdistan region under the name of the Roj Peshmerga and they need to return to Syrian Kurdistan."

"The next issue is the wrong law of recruitment by the YPG (Peoples' Protection Units, the armed wing of the PYD), which has made a large number of Syrian Kurdish youth to emigrate and Syrian Kurdistan be emptied of Kurdish girls and boys," he added.

He stressed: "These cases are the demands of the Syrian Kurdish community and these are not from the ENKS and the KDP.S, but these demands are raised by the people."

On the impact of the next US president on the situation of the Kurds in Syria, Mr. Can said: "The American political system is republican and presidential and the role of the president is very important. We hope that the next US president have a positive view about the Kurds in Syria and the continuation of intra-Kurdish talks."

The (KDP.S) member also stated that: "The United States is an institutional system and works in line with its long-term national interests and does not care about the Kurds or Syria, but pursues its own interests. The Kurds need to achieve an agreement on their rights both in Syria and in the international community."

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