Students protest in Kurdistan Region for third day in row
University and institute students protested in the Kurdistan Region for a third day in a row, calling on the government to resume payment of their monthly stipends.

The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has suspended the distribution of students’ stipends since 2015, when the Region was hit by an economic crisis due to a drop in oil prices, the fight against Islamic State (ISIS) and the wave of displaced people and refugees who headed to Kurdish for shelter, Ests Media Network reported.
Students were paid 30,000-100,000 Iraqi dinars ($20.5-$68.5) per month.
In Erbil, dozens of students gathered outside the ministry of higher education and scientific research in protest of the suspension of their monthly stipends.
“We are calling for students’ stipends and rights,” a student said during the demonstration in Erbil.
“We want them to act, not just say done, done,” he said.
“There is no excuse for the government to cut stipends now. There is no ISIS fight, oil [price] is at $85, and dollar is at 150,000 dinars,” another student said, referring to the price of $100 to the Iraqi dinar.
The student further said there was “money for models, but there is no money for students”.
Students continued to protest in Sulaimani, Halabja and Rania on Tuesday.
In Sulaimani, students blocked the main road between Sulaimani and Kirkuk, near the governorate’s building.
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