Rania police chief killed in clash with security officials - media
The official media of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) called the commander of the Ranya police a wanted man who was killed during resistance against enforcing the law.<br> Security forces had been order to execute his arrest warrant.

According to PUKmedia, the official website of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, citing a security source, the commander, Murad Kani Kurdai, clashed with security forces during his detention and was killed as a result.
While the law was being enforced, the commander clashed with security forces, martyring one of them and wounding three others, the report said.
It is noteworthy that the Kurdistan Region media announced on Thursday evening the assassination of Murad Kani Kurdai, the police commander of Ranya district and a person close to Lahur Sheikh Jangi, the joint chairman of the PUK.
PUK media outlets reported they received a statement from the Kurdistan Region Security Council (KRSC) that an "official force” was directed to arrest Kurdai in Ranya district in a legal and civil manner.
The statement was not posted to the official website of the KRSC.
PUK affiliated media said Kurdai’s security guards confronted the officers attempting to arrest the PUK commander.
Kurdai, two of his security guards and a member of the arresting force named Shamil Zrar were killed in the confrontation, according to PUK media outlets. Three others were wounded.
Security institutions will launch an investigation and make efforts to arrest the perpetrators involved in the incident and prosecute them, PUK media stated.
Kurdai’s family on Thursday night initially denied reports he had been killed.
Kurdai’s brother, Firzad Abdulrahman spoke on NRT’s Panorama program Thursday night and said his brother was targeted due his political relationship with Lahur Sheikh Jangi.
Murad Kurdai’s body was reportedly returned to his family and buried overnight.
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