Senior member says PUK wants Barham Salih to be re-elected president
A senior member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) stressed that the wants current Iraqi President and a senior PUK member, Barham Salih, to remain in his post as the president of Iraq.

Rizan Sheikh Delir stated that in the coming days coalitions would be formed, especially to announce the existence of a Kurdish faction to negotiate with Iraqi officials over the formation of the next central government in Baghdad.

According to Al-Malomeh news agency Sheikh Delir said in this regard that: "The Iraqi presidency is the share of the Kurds, including the PUK. But this issue has not been negotiated with other movements yet.

Sheikh Delir added: The PUK insists on the re-election of Barham Salih as President of Iraq in the next stage of the country. But this issue has not yet been discussed with other movements and parties in the country's political process.

The PUK senior member also said: "In the coming days, we will see talks with other movements, and before that, the Kurdish parties, while forming an alliance will participate in negotiations with other parties in the country, with the aim of gaining posts and positions."

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