Peshmerga Ministry urges US to send reconnaissance aircraft to disputed areas
The secretary general of the Kurdistan Region Ministry of Peshmerga, emphasized on the need to change the tactics of Peshmerga forces to fight ISIS in the disputed areas between Erbil and Baghdad and stated that they have asked US forces to send reconnaissance planes to these areas.

According to Sharpars, Jabar Yawar, the Secretary General of the Kurdistan Region Ministry of Peshmerga, pointed to the recent increase in ISIS attacks in the disputed areas that both Erbil and Baghdad claim authorities over them, and stressed that ISIS militants had killed at least 22 Peshmerga forces in the past week, noting that the ISIS has changed its war tactics, and the Peshmerga forces need to change their military methods to counter them.

He added during the recent talks with Iraqi military officials, they had agreed on joint operations in the disputed areas and called on the Iraqi government as well as US forces in Iraq to deploy reconnaissance aircraft to help fighting the ISIS in those areas which suffer from security vacuum.

Yawar also added that this military agreement with the Iraqi government is an important effort, through which the Peshmerga and Iraqi forces, with the support of the global anti-ISIS coalition, will attack ISIS elements and defeat the group.

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