Fatah Coalition says it would accept Federal Supreme Court ruling over elections
The leader of the Fatah coalition, Hadi Ameri, stressed that his coalition would abide by the decisions of the Federal Supreme Court to annul the election results, even "if the coalition is oppressed."

According to Al-Iraq Al-Youm, Hadi Ameri said: "We presented, to the Federal Supreme Court, the reasons and documents as well as the report of the German company that the election results were manipulated and we hope that the ruling of the court will be in our favor."

"We defend the sovereignty of the country and we support its existence. Rather, we will abide by the laws and decisions of the Federal Supreme Court, and we will abide by them even if we are oppressed," Ameri added.

It should be noted that the Federal Supreme Court announced on Sunday that it will consider the petition submitted by the leader of the Fatah coalition to annul the election results on December 13.

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