Researcher says Kurdish self-ruling administration in Syria needs Arabs' support
Nicholas Heras warned if the Syrian Kurds could not gain the support of the Arab community inside and outside Syria, there would be no trace of the Kurdish-led self-ruling administration in the next 10 years.

Nicholas Heras, a researcher at the Newlines Institute, warned Syrian Kurds that the existence of the Kurdish self-government would be seriously jeopardized in the future if they did not think about deepening ties with the Arab community.

Nicholas Panas, who has closely monitored developments in Syria, especially in Kurdish-controlled areas of Syria, advised the Kurds to increase their contact with the Arab community.

He described the lack of proper interaction and close ties with the Arab community as one of the main challenges for the Kurdish self-government in northern and northeastern Syria.

Dr. Horas described one of the correct actions of the administration in 2021 as an attempt by the regional authorities to connect with the Arab community.

A Newlines researcher, he has warned that the Kurdish self-government will not exist in the next 10 years without the support of the Arabs, given the significant number of them in the region.

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