Oil expert reveals her findings of oil reserves in Kurdistan Region
Dr. Arezoo Javadova, a geology and oil expert, estimated the amount of oil reserves in the Kurdistan Region by 2015 at more than 4 billion barrels.

Dr. Arezoo Javadova, Master of Geology and Petroleum, is one of the experts who has been the manager of the oil projects implementation team in the Kurdistan region.

In an interview with KurdPress, Dr. Javadova, who is the team leader in the oil project of the Russian Company of Gazprom in the Kurdistan Region, provided information about the oil fields and the amount of their reserves, while pointing out some problems of the Kurdistan Region in managing its oil resources.

Dr. Arezoo Javadova, who has worked with many companies in the field of oil exploration, has estimated the oil reserves of oil fields in the Kurdistan region at more than 4 billion barrels. However, she pointed out that this information is related to the time of her research in the Kurdistan Region from 2015 to 2016.

The geologist and oil expert pointed out that the oil fields of Taq Taq, Tavgeh, Chiasorkh, Bardeh Rash and Demirdaq have more oil reserves and there are about 2 billion barrels of proven crude oil in these fields.

According to the assessment of the expert, a large number of oil fields in the Kurdistan region have less than 200 million barrels of crude oil. A number of oil fields have also stopped drilling operations due to lack of economic efficiency.

In her analysis and evaluation of the oil fields of the Kurdistan Region, Dr. Javadova has pointed out that there are large amounts of natural gas in some fields. For example, she pointed out that the amount of natural gas in the Kurdamir field is 2.26 trillion cubic feet and the amount of gas reserves in Miran is 4.3 trillion cubic feet, and the Bonabaveh field contains 7.1 trillion cubic feet of natural gas.

However, the geologist did not mention the reserves of two large gas fields in the Kurdistan region, Kor Mor and Chamchamal, which are the main sources of natural gas supply in the region.

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