Touraj Aslani receives Bollywood 2021 best cinematography award
Touraj Aslani, director of photography for “Melancholia”, earned the Best Cinematography Award in the second round of Bollywood International Film Festival, 2021, India.

The feature film “Melancholia”, directed and produced by Morteza Atash Zamzam, cinematography by Hassan Aslani and Touraj Aslani as DP, had its latest international screening in the competition category of the second round of Bollywood International Film Festival in India, earning the best cinematography prize for the creative Iranian moviemaker Touraj Aslani.

Jury members of the 2nd edition are the following: Ashok Rane, Indian director and movie critic, Ashok Mishra, Indian screenwriter, Amit Rai, Indian director, Tauquir Ahmed, actor and director from Bangladesh, and Marianne Borgo, French actress.

Showcasing feature films, documentaries, shorts, screenplays, music videos, Indian flicks, etc. from moviemakers all around the world, the second edition of this festival is held from 12 to 14 November, 2021 in Mumbai, India.

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