Turkey jets bomb local government building in Shingal
A Turkish air strike hit the headquarters of the People’s Assembly in Khanasor, Shingal on Saturday, December 11.

Turkish warplanes bombed the headquarters at 8pm on Saturday, NRT said in a report.

The report stated two people were wounded in the air strike. The building was also badly damaged.

Nadia’s Initiative, an NGO founded by Yazidi Nobel Laureate Nadia Murad, condemned the bombing in a statement.

"Turkey, a NATO member, is terrorizing the Yazidi population instead of targeting ISIS. The international community has a moral obligation to speak out against Turkish aggression,” the NGO statement read.

Officials in the district have not yet commented on the incident, the second Turkish air strike in Khanasor this week.

Marwan Badal, the co-chair of the Autonomous Administration Council in Shingal, was killed in a Turkish drone air strike on Tuesday in Khanasor.

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