US 2022 Budget Law allocates military assistance to Syrian Kurdish forces
The United States has allocated a total of $ 177 million to fight against ISIS in Syria, much of which will be spent on training and equipping Syrian Kurdish-Arab forces.

With the passage of the US defense budget bill in the Senate and the US Congress, the amount of Washington's assistance to the Syrian Kurdish forces has been determined. The 2022 US defense budget bill, signed by US President Joe Biden, provides $ 177 million for anti-ISIS programs in Syria.
Explaining the cost of this amount, it refers to the training and equipping of the Syrian Democratic Forces and even paying the salaries to these forces.
The United States has also dedicated some amount on issues such as securing camps controlled by Syrian Kurdish forces. Thousands of ISIS affiliates have been housed in the camps. However, the exact amount of the $ 177 million allocated to the Syrian Kurdish forces has not been determined, and the cost of equipping and training the so-called Maqawir forces stationed at the Tanf base in Syria is also included.
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