Not a good situation for Kurdish-Kurdish talks
There is no hope that the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue will resume soon in Syrian Kurdistan, said a Syrian Kurdish political expert and journalist.

Referring to the suspension of talks between the Syrian Kurdish movements, Juma Mohammad, a Syrian Kurdish political expert and journalist, told Kurdpress in an interview: "The Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue is not ongoing at the moment and has been ceased."

He continued: "The political conditions is not suitable for these talks and there is no hope that an opening will be seen in these talks soon."

Mr. Mohammad added: "Part of the problem is related to the deep political rifts between the two sides, another part is related to the change of the US representative in the negotiations and the other part is related to the relationship between the National Patriotic Council and the countries that invade Syrian Kurdistan every day. Therefore, it is very difficult in such a situation to talk about the continuation of the talks or to predict what would happen in this regard."

The Syrian Kurdish political expert and journalist also referred to the Turkish media's threats over Turkey invade into northern Syria and stated that there was the danger that Turkey would launch an attack on this region at any moment.

He continued: "If Turkey cannot launch a large-scale offensive, it will try to bring the war here in different ways and spread unrest and instability. From time to time, jihadist groups under Turkish command form attacks around Ain Isa, but each time there are defeated. Last week they tried to occupy a village in the area, but the Syrian Democratic Forces forced them to retreat.

The journalist added: "Turkey wants to spread insecurity and instability in these areas through these measures. These threats have always existed and today it has entered another phase and Turkey seeks to disrupt order and security and put pressure on the people of these areas so that the people would not feel secure psychologically. It is not clear whether Turkey can get permission from the United States and Russia to attack, but the people of these regions are living their daily lives and are struggling with these threats every day."

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