Erdogan says Kilicdaroglu is seeking to create ‘chaos’
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday blasted the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kilicdaroglu over his visits to state institutions and the central bank, Voice of America Turkish reported.

Kilicdaroglu lied about his visits to such institutions, Erdogan said, noting that the CHP leader was looking to “create chaos and disorder,’’ through such moves.

Erdogan referred to the October visit to the central bank by the CHP leader. The visit took place amid cuts to interest rates as part of the Turkish leader’s unorthodox economic view on maintaining low borrowing costs, which analysts believe has sparked a financial crisis, sending the lira to record-breaking lows earlier this month.

Kilicdaroglu requested an appointment from the bank, which was given to him, but he later made a number of “false statements,’’ Erdogan said.

After the visit, Kilicdaroglu called on the president to respect the institution’s identity, urging the Turkish leader to “let competent people decide whether interest rates rise or fall,’’ SoL news site reported. The opposition leader’s remarks implied that the bank was under the yoke of Erdogan.

Speaking on the failed attempt by the CHP leader to visit the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) earlier this month, Erdogan said it was in the institution's right to deny access to Kilicdaroglu. Moreover, the CHP leader protested in front of the institution, in a move that failed to respecting TÜİK’s decision, VoA Turkish cited Erdogan as saying.

The CHP leader had attempted to visit the institute to demand further information on inflation figures. He and the CHP delegation were denied  into the premises, entry by TÜİK workers, saying they needed an appointment.

The CHP leader is being left at the door because of his “fait accompli’’ approach, Erdogan said, touching on his latest failed attempt at visiting the Education Ministry.

On Thursday, the ministry denied entry to Kilicdaroglu, who was seeking information on what he called widespread of nepotism in the appointment of Turkey’s public school teachers, Duvar news site reported.

“This person who heads the CHP is not looking to obtain information through these bandit-esque raids,’’ Erdogan said, “but to create chaos and disorder.’’

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