Sadr, Coordination Framework formed largest coalition in Iraqi parliament: official
A leader of the Shiite movements' coordination framework announced that the movement, together with the Sadr Movement, has formed the largest coalition in the Iraqi parliament with 100 seats.

According to Sharpress, Mohammad Saadoun Saihoud, a leader of the Coalition for the Coordination of Iraqi Shiite Movements, announced that they had agreed with Sadr Movements to participate in the first session of the Iraqi parliament on Sunday, January 9, as the largest parliamentary coalition.

He added that the two factions together hold 100 seats in parliament, but do not make a formal request to introduce themselves as the largest coalition and are waiting for a final agreement with the other factions.

Saihoud also said that at tomorrow's meeting, the Sunni candidate for the Parliament Speaker, the Shiite candidate for the prime minister and the Kurdish candidate for the presidency of Iraq will not be announced, and after the agreements, the candidates for these positions will be introduced to the parliament in a package.

Saihoud noted that the Kurds have explicitly stated that they have not sided with any of the Shiite parties and movements and are waiting for an agreement among the Shiites.

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