Syrian self-ruling administration announces curfew regulations in Hasaka
The governorate of northern and eastern Syria imposed a one-week curfew to secure the Hasaka region, where ISIS prisoners have managed to escape the prison in the province of Hasaka.

The Internal Affairs Commission of the North and East Syrian Autonomous Administration announced a comprehensive curfew in order to secure the region in Hasaka and other parts of northern and eastern Syria.
According to this announcement, from today, January 24 to January 31, a complete curfew will be implemented in Hasaka.
In other cities in northern and eastern Syria, a curfew will be imposed from 6 pm to 6 am. "The Turkish government failed to achieve its goals in undermining security and destabilizing the governorate of northern and eastern Syria, so it once again supported ISIS for its treacherous purposes," the statement said.
"Obviously, the internal security forces repulsed these attacks. As the Internal Affairs Commission of the Autonomous Administration, we will announce a curfew in and around Hasaka for a week," the statement further said.
It went on to add "Bakeries, factories, health centers, refueling centers and municipalities are not included by this directive. The ban will apply from 6 pm to 6 am everywhere in northern and eastern Syria, and intercity transportation will be limited. We call on the people to abide by this ban so that our forces can carry out their duties to maintain security and stability in the region.
In an ongoing situation in Hasaka, Syria, ISIS sleeper cells coordinated three explosions in connection with a mass prison break attempt. Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) continue to battle escaped militants and insurgents in the vicinity of the prison.
Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Internal Security Forces (ISF) continued to battle ISIS militants on Saturday in the vicinity of al-Sinaa prison in Hasaka, where sleeper cells staged a massive prison break attempt.
SDF media center said on Friday its forces managed to capture 89 inmates who had escaped from the prison.
Meanwhile Hoshang Derwish, the representative of the Syrian Democratic Assembly in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, referred to the insurgency of ISIS prisoners in Hasna al-Sanaa prison and the attack by ISIS militants on the prison on Friday and stated that the prison is now under the control of the kurdish-led SDF forces.
"They wanted to release the prisoners in the prison. In the attack on the prison, some prisoners escaped, but with the arrival of the security forces, the prisoners who had tried to escape were arrested and returned to the prison," Mr. Derwish told Kurdpress in an interview.
He added: "The gunmen who attacked the prison fled to the neighborhood of Hey Al-Zohour and hid in the neighborhood and used the residents as hostages. The Syrian Democratic Forces drove the citizens out of the neighborhood and they are fighting in a battle and are killing the militants.
The representative added: "A large number of militants have been killed so far. About 28 ISIS members have been killed so far."
"Our SDF & ISF are tightening the siege on Daesh [ISIS] terrorist attackers in the perimeter of al-Sinaa prison & managed to retake several points on the northern side eliminating several attackers,” Farhad Shami, the head of the SDF media center said on Saturday.
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