Thousands participate in killed warriors' funeral in Kobani
Thousands of people in Kobani attended the funeral of 12 Kurdish fighters killed in ISIS's attack on Hasaka.

The bodies of 12 Kurdish fighters who lost their lives during the recent ISIS attacks in Hasaka were buried with the participation of a large number of Kobani people.

According to Hawar, tens of thousands of people from Kobani and villages in the Euphrates region buried the killed fighters in the cemetery of Shahid Furat.

Speaking at the event, Farhan Kobani, co-chairman of the Kobani Canton Parliament, accused Turkey of collaborating with ISIS in the attacks.

"In this way, Turkey wanted to take full control of 'Cizre region' and recognize the 'ISIS government,'" he said. "With the efforts of the fighters and the support of the people, Turkey's plans for northern and eastern Syria were thwarted."

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