Turkey threatens Kurdistan region development
Foreign Policy magazine wrote in an article that Turkey is concerned about the development of Iraqi Kurds, especially in Kirkuk, and will prevent the Kurds from returning to the path of independence.

According to Foreign Policy, which examines the latest developments in Iraq, one of the obstacles to Kurdish progress is economic problems, and considers Turkey as one of the opponents of more Kurdish achievements in Iraq.

"Turkey sees the achievements of most Kurds, including the recapture of Kirkuk or the pursuit of independence, as a threat," the paper said, adding that "in this regard, Turkey supports the Turkmen minority against the Kurds in Kirkuk and will prevent the realization of the Kurdish dream of having an independent state."

Foreign Policy considers economic problems and the lack of development of various economic sectors in the Kurdistan region as the main hurdles of the Iraqi Kurds to become independent.

The magazine warned of the consequences of the economic crisis in Iraq and wrote: "The Kurds may still have an opinion on Kirkuk's oil resources, which could provoke a military confrontation again in Iraq."

Foreign Policy has cited the region's strong dependence on Baghdad as one of the causes of the economic crisis in Kurdistan.

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