Zebari says he respects Iraq's supreme court decision
Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) member and and the party's candidate for Iraq's presidency, Hoshyar Zebari, said on Sunday, February 6, he respects the Iraqi Supreme Court’s decision to suspend procedures for his candidacy.

"We are confident the court will insist on implementing the rules and conditions for the position of the Iraqi presidency, otherwise this will be just an act of using power,” Zebari said.
The Iraqi Federal Supreme Court announced on Sunday, February 6, a decision to temporarily suspend all procedures for the election of  Zebari.
According to a statement by the court, the ruling was made with the majority vote from members of the federal court.
The decision was reached due to a past ruling to remove Zebari from his position as Iraqi finance minister in 2016 on charges of financial and administrative corruption, as well as two other cases against him, the statement noted.
The Sadrist Movement announced on Saturday, February 5, it has suspended negotiations on forming a new government and will not attend the upcoming session of the Iraqi Parliament.
The leader of the movement, Shia cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, announced the boycott in a press conference on Saturday before the court decision.
All negotiations with other blocs are suspended until an unspecified time and all members of the Sadrist Movement must not attend the session to elect the Iraqi president on Monday, February 7.
A majority of two-thirds, 220 out of 329 MPs, is required to elect the president.
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