Top Iraqi court decision a political move: former deputy speaker
The former Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Bashir Haddad, said on Friday, February 18, the decision from the Iraqi Federal Supreme Court on the Kurdistan Region’s law on oil and gas sales was political.

Haddad told NRT that the court should not have issued the decision when it did and that the supreme court did not properly explain the constitutional articles.

He also stated the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) should have filed a complaint when the federal government reduced the Region’s share of the national budget.

The Iraqi Federal Supreme Court was established in 2005 and is the highest legal institution under the constitution.

"If the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) came to an agreement on Iraq’s position of president, the court would not have made such a decision,” Haddad said.

The nation’s top court ruled on Wednesday that the KRG’s independent sale of oil and natural gas was against the Iraqi constitution.

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