Barham Salih expresses full supports to demands of protestors in Kurdistan Region
During a meeting with a number of protesting teachers in the Kurdistan Region, the Iraqi President expressed his full support for their demands and that of all clerks in the region.

A number of protesting teachers in the Kurdistan Region, who have been protesting against the non-receipt of their salaries for several months, traveled to Baghdad to protest and make demands to the relevant officials in the Iraqi government, and held a meeting with Iraqi Kurdish President Barham Salih.

The official website of the Iraqi presidency reported that the teachers of the region expressed their demands and problems at the meeting, and Barham Saleh expressed his full support for the demands of them and other employees of the region.

“Securing financial entitlements needs to establish the principle of justice for all components of the Iraqi people, especially in the budget law and by addressing the financial deficit, provided that it is acceptable to all citizens without any discrimination between them,” Salih said.

 “The continuing crisis of salaries and financial dues is linked in essence to the need to implement the constitution, work to combat corruption and abuse of public funds, and to initiate a real reform process,” he added.

It should be noted that in recent days, not paying the salaries to employees of the Kurdistan Region led to large-scale demonstrations in the cities of Sulaimani, Halabja, Garmian and Raprin, which led into the death and injury of a number of protests, and protesters set fire to buildings, party and government buildings.

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