Kurds need to remain neutral in Ukraine war, says party leader
The leader of the Kurdistan Liberal Union Party said that the Kurds should not support any side in the Russian war in Ukraine.

Speaking to Kurdpress, the leader of the Kurdistan Liberal Union referred to the Russian recognition of the independence of the two regions on Ukrainian territory and stated that: "Russia recognized the independence of the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk for its own interests and in violation of international law. It always states that the Kurds want to divide Syrian territory, while the officials of the autonomous administration have never said that they intend to do so and they are always claiming their rights within Syria.

He continued: "when Russia sees that the administration is cooperating with the international coalition in the fight against terrorism, it wants to hand over the region to the central government and always puts pressure on the officials in northern and eastern Syria to implement this demand."

Regarding Turkey's position on Ukraine, he said: "Turkey should finally clarify its position because it is a part of NATO, and this may lead to Turkey getting closer to NATO and distancing it from Russia, which could deepen rifts between Russia and Turkey."

"Turkey is a great danger to us today, and if it wants to get closer to NATO, it is possible that Russia will recognize the rights of the Kurds in Syria," he said.

"We should not get involved in the war between the two sides or join NATO against Russia," he said. "Because Russia's defeat may not be in the interests of the Kurds and the autonomous administration, and the West may make a deal with Turkey and the governments of the region over the Kurds.

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