Turkish-Russian forces conduct joint patrol in Kobani
Russian Military Police (MP) conducted a joint patrol with Turkish forces in the eastern countryside the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani on Monday, March 7.

This is the 92nd patrol between the two forces in the region since the signing of the Russian-Turkish ceasefire agreement in 2019.

The patrol, which consisted of eight Russian and Turkish military vehicles, set out from the village of Gharib, 15 kilometers east of Kobani.

The patrol passed the villages of Karbanaf, Kosk, Alishar, Jom Ali, Kortek, Kobk, Satan, Tiri, Tel Hajib, Qabajeq Saghir, Telk, Boztepa, Qaramogh, Jishan, and then Kharabisan Fawqani.

The patrol returned to the starting point in the village of Gharib.

The Turkish military vehicles returned to Turkey through the gate near Gharib village, while the Russian military vehicles returned to their position near the town of Sirrin, south of Kobani.

On February 28, the Russian MP conducted the 91st joint patrol with the Turkish forces in the western countryside of Kobani.

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