Mullah Bakhtiar says 200 years of Kurdish armed struggle were wrong
Member of the Supreme Political Council and the interests of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan stated that the Kurdish armed struggle for the past 200 years have been wrong, noting that all the uprisings of the 18th and 19th centuries had failed and that no nation had been failed as much as the Kurds.

Mulla Bakhtiar told a news conference that the Iraqi Federal Court's recent ruling that the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG)'s oil activities were illegal was illegal and that the Iraqi constitution did not state the Kurdish region should not extract oil underground.

He went on to add that the party's meetings are continuing to finalize the Iraqi presidency and that the parties in the region need to nominate their candidate as soon as possible.

Regarding the recent economic situation in Sulaimani, the PUK base, and the lack of money in the province's banks, he said that those responsible for the situation are those who have left no money in the banks, and he himself is ashamed of these conditions and the non-payment of salaries to veteran Peshmerga and that he does not know why the corrupters do not feel ashamed of this situation.

Commenting on the attempts to deliberately poison him in recent months, Mullah Bakhtiar said that the case was open and that he would go to court in person if the PUK's political bureau did not pursue the case.

Regarding the Kurdish uprisings throughout history, he stated that all the uprisings of the 18th and 19th centuries had failed and no nation had suffered as much as the Kurds as they have fought the most for freedom and sacrificed a lot.

He also stressed that the Kurds had mistakenly waged armed struggle for 200 years, and even he told PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan that PKK forces would not be able to liberate Turkey Kurdish cities and that they should turn to civil war.

Regarding the 1991 Kurdish uprising in Iraq against Saddam Hussein's regime, which ousted Ba'athist forces from Kurdish cities and formed a parliament and autonomous structure in the Kurdistan Region, he said that the uprising was unplanned. But revered Kurdish leader Newshirvan Mustafa, one of the former and late leaders of the PUK, drew up the plan for the uprising.

Criticizing Russia's attack on Ukraine, he said that reports have exaggerated Russian President Vladimir Putin and that he supported the resistance of the Ukrainian people to the attack.

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