Institute says Turkey has committed war crime against Kurds
The Gate Stone Institute wrote in its report on Turkish military operations in northern Iraq and Syria that "These operations are more of a war crime than a counter-terrorism, given their impact on the lives of civilians."

The Turkish military has carried out intermittent attacks in northern Iraq and Syria since 2018. Turkey has carried out these attacks in the name of fighting Kurdish forces, which it calls terrorists. However, there have been numerous reports from international organizations that thousands of Kurdish civilians have been killed, wounded and displaced in Iraq and Syria.

In a detailed report on the impact of Turkish military operations in the Kurdish regions of Iraq and Syria, the Gate Stone Institute stressed that these operations have mostly targeted the lives of civilians.

The think tank reminds that the world considers the forces of the Sham, ISIL and al-Qaeda as terrorists, but we see that Turkey does not take any military action against the forces of these groups in Syria and instead focuses on confronting the Kurds in Iraq and Syria.

 "While the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Iraqi central government have signed an agreement to rebuild Shingal, Turkey has prevented the implementation of this agreement with its attacks in Shingal," the think tank wrote, referring to the number of Turkish attacks in Iraq in Yazidi areas.

Peri Ibrahim, director of the Yazidi Free Foundation, said that Turkey had carried out 19 airstrikes in the Yazidi-populated areas of Shingal in the past month, noting that Turkish attacks have prevented Yazidis from returning to Shingal. He also believes that Turkey is completing ISIS's crackdown on Yazidis in Iraq.

The director accused the West of being careless in the face of Turkish airstrikes and called on the United States and Europe to prevent more Turkish airstrikes by creating a no-fly zone over Shingal.

 The Gate Stone Institute called Turkey's actions a war crime, citing the dire consequences of Turkish attacks on Syrian Kurdish areas such as Afrin and the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Kurds and the settlement of Arabs in Syrian Kurdish areas.

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