Newruz celebration held in different cities of Turkey Kurdistan
Newruz celebrations were held in many cities of Turkish Kurdistan with the attendance of Kurdish people, artists and politicians.

Newruz celebration was attended by Kurdish people, artists and politicians, and Newruz fire was lit in many cities in Turkey Kurdistan.
This year's celebrations were held under the slogan "Now is the time for victory" and with the demand for "freedom for Abdullah Ocalan", the imprisoned leader of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK).
Despite the snow and cold weather, large crowds attended the rituals. The cities of Sirnak, Dargjit, Gizil Tepe, Elaziq, Suruc, Dersim, Iqdir and Semendeli were among the cities that celebrated Newruz with making Newroz fire and playing music.
Representatives of Kurdish parties, including the People's Democratic Party (HDP), attended the celebrations. Veteran politician Ahmed Turk also attended the Newruz celebration in the city of Gizil Tepe in Mardin. Turk urged the leaders and political parties of all parts of Kurdistan to work for the national unity of the Kurdish community.
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