Ain Issa fall will endanger situation of Kobani and Minbij: PYD committee member
One of the founders of the democratic self-government of Kobani Canton stated that Turkey intends to capture Ain Issa as the strategic center of Syrian Kurdistan.

In an interview with KurdPress, Berivan Hassan, a member of the leadership committee of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) and its joint chairman in the Euphrates region, referred to the recent Turkish attacks on Ain Issa region and said: "Turkey and its affiliated groups continues to endanger the lives of civilians in Ain Issa; the threat is at a time that in addition to the people in Ain Issa, the displaced people of the Gri Spi and Serikani areas also live in the city."
He continued: "Turkey has not and will not adhere to the ceasefire and is acting in violation of international laws and is endangering the lives of civilians by attacking Ain Isa and Syrian Kurdistan," the (PYD) official said.
Blaming Russia and the Syrian government's silence towards the Ankara behaviour, Ms. Hassan told KurdPress that "Russia and the Syrian central government are not fulfilling their duties and responsibilities towards the situation in Ain Issa, and this behavior shows that the recent Turkish attacks are carried out with Russia's consent."
"Ain Issa is a strategic center of Syrian Kurdistan, which connects seven autonomous regions and is geopolitically important; that why Turkey intends to occupy it, and with the capture of Ain Issa, the situation in Kobani and Manbij will be in a dire situation," she said.
"The people of Syrian Kurdistan are standing up to these attacks and are resisting with unity, and they call on all international institutions and world powers not to allow Turkey to continue its aggressive behaviour," Berivan Hassan added.
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