Iraqi parliament fails to elect president, session postponed to Wednesday
The Iraqi parliament decided on Saturday, March 26, to postpone the session to elect the president of the republic to Wednesday, according to state media, after the legal number of MPs required for the session was not met.

Ahmed Assad, a leader from the Coordination Framework, presented the signatures of 126 MPs who were boycotting the session. The number of MPs who attended Saturday’s session was 202.
Saturday’s session has been adjourned to next Monday after a reading of the draft law was held on emergency support for food security and development, parliament announced in a statement.
Political blocs affiliated with the Saving the Nation Alliance held individual meetings at parliament, Iraqi News Agency (INA) said. Saving the Nation is a new alliance announced on March 23 between the Sadrist Movement, the Sunni al-Siyada Coalition and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).
The parliamentary presidency also held a meeting on Saturday to discuss electing the president, according to INA.
Parliament was scheduled to hold a session on Saturday to select a new Iraqi president, with 40 candidates competing to win the race.
Lawmakers from the Sadrist Movement led by Shia cleric Sadr, part of Sunni parties, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) and the New Generation attended the session.
Lawmakers from Coordination Framework, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), Azm alliance, the Kurdistan Islamic Union, and the Kurdistan Justice Group as well as independent MPs boycotted the parliamentary session.
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