Iraqi official warns ISIS threat lingers though reduced
The Spokesman of Joint Operations Command, Tahsin al-Khafaji, told state media on Sunday, March 27, Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist gangs remain a threat but do not pose the same danger they did in the past.

"Despite the inability of terrorist gangs to confront the security forces, they try from time to time to carry out a terrorist operation to raise their morale,” Khafaji told Iraqi News Agency (INA).
Khafaji said ISIS operations have decreased to a significant degree and explained security forces were relying on intelligence to direct air strikes, which resulted in eliminating terrorist leaders and their detachments, as well as the arrest of others.
The spokesman also said Joint Operations Command announced security forces have been able to cut down on infiltration of terrorist gangs still active on the Syrian side of the border, according to INA.
"The security forces closed the borders with wire barriers and surveillance cameras,” Khafaji said.
He also stated thermal cameras could give precise intelligence on the movement of militants and that Joint Operations Command was exchanging information with neighboring countries.
The Iraqi army said in January it had completed a 3m-deep trench along the Iraq-Syria border and that thermal cameras with drones would help secure it.
The army also said in February new posts were established at the border with Syria in Nineveh governorate in an ongoing effort to secure the border and block infiltration of terrorist elements.
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