KDP denies any agreement with Turkey to attack the PKK
The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has denied in an official statement the reports that accuse the party of collaborating with Turkey in attacking the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) forces, calling them baseless allegations.

In recent weeks, the PKK-affiliated media outlets have reported that the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has agreed with Turkey to cooperate in its attack on PKK forces in the Kurdistan Region and assist Turkish forces in operations against the PKK, claiming that the agreement was reached during the recent visit of the Kurdistan Region President and the deputy leader of the KDP, Nechirvan Barzani.

However, in a statement posted on its official website, the KDP denied all the reports and the agreement with Turkey on attacking the PKK.

The statement said: "In recent days, PKK-affiliated media outlets have published baseless reports about the KDP with the aim of creating unrest in the public and destabilizing and distorting the public opinion. And the using baseless foretelling, which is surprising, it has been announced that the PKK forces will be attacked on April 15 as part of the plan.

"We declare that all this news was false and written with a hateful and dishonest mentality and we tell them that there is not much time until April 15 and we are waiting for their lies and accusations to be revealed to the people of Kurdistan and to show their true faces to everyone.

"The Kurdistan Democratic Party's policy on all issues is very clear and transparent, and the conspiracy and the riots come from you and others like you."

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