PUK member says KDP is stuck in rivalry between Shia blocs
The head of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) office in Baghdad, Rabiha Mohammed Abdullah, said on Wednesday, March 30, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has involved itself in the dispute between Shia parties and does not know how to handle the situation.

Abdullah said the PUK has not chosen either side and has no agreement with the Coordination Framework, one of the two main Shia blocs in the Iraqi parliament, NRT reported.
The Coordination Framework is a loose coalition of Shia parties composed of the Fatah Alliance, the State of Law Coalition, the Hikma Party and the Nasr Alliance.
Responding to questions on the PUK’s nominee for president of the republic, Rabiha said, "The PUK will not change its candidate and no party has asked us to replace Barham Salih.”
Abdullah said the Sadrist Movement, one of the main Shia parties in Iraq and now a rival to the Coordination Framework, asked the PUK to become allies but the party refused.
The "Saving the Homeland” alliance was announced on March 23 between the Sadrist Movement, the Sunni al-Siyada Coalition and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP).
The alliance announced their candidate for president of the republic, the Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Interior and KDP member Rebar Ahmed, last week.
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