Muqtada Sadr gives 40 days to Coordination Framework to form government without his bloc
The leader of the Sadrist Movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, said on Thursday, March 31, he has given 40 days for the Coordination Framework to discuss and come to an agreement with other parties (aside from the Sadrist bloc) in Iraq’s parliament on forming a new government.

Sadr announced the Sadrist Movement is the largest Shia party and he has been able to form the largest coalition, Saving the Homeland, with a nominee acceptable to all.
He has asked all members of the Sadrist Movement to "not intervene positively or negatively” in forming a new government during the period, "from the first day of the blessed month of Ramadan to the ninth of the month of Shawwal al-Mudham.”
The Saving the Homeland alliance was announced on March 23 as a bloc between the Sadrist Movement, the Sunni al-Siyada Coalition and the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). They announced their candidate for president of the republic, the Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Interior and KDP member Rebar Ahmed, last week.
Sadr refused a request from the Coordination Framework to reach a consensus on the formation of the Iraqi government on Wednesday, when the Iraqi parliament was supposed to hold a session to elect the president of the republic. The session was adjourned until further notice. The Iraqi Federal Supreme Court gave a deadline of April 6 to choose a president.
The Coordination Framework, one of the two largest Shia blocs in the Iraqi parliament, is a coalition of Shia parties composed of the Fatah Alliance, the State of Law Coalition the Hikma Party and the Nasr Alliance.
The two blocs, Sadr’s Saving the Homeland and the Coordination Framework, have sought to win allies among independent MPs in the Iraqi parliament following October’s election in 2021.
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