MP says date of next Iraqi parliament meeting is not clear
 Mohammed al-Shammari, an MP from the Coordination Framework in the Iraqi parliament, said on Sunday, April 3, the date for the next parliamentary session is unclear and all options are open once the legal period to choose the president of the republic ends on April 6.

Shammari said resolving the political crisis depends on reaching an agreement between the main Shia blocs in the Iraqi parliament, the Coordination Framework and the Sadrist Movement on the form of the next Iraqi government, NRT reported.

The leader of the Sadrist Movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, announced on Thursday he was giving the Coordination Framework a 40-day period to discuss and come to an agreement with other parties in parliament on forming a government.

He announced the Sadrist Movement will withdraw from government negotiations during this period.

MP Hamid al-Musawi said if the conflict between the Shia parties is not resolved, nothing will be done in 40 days. He said even if the Coordination Framework succeeds in bringing the Kurds and the Sunnis to its side, the next Iraqi government will still not be formed.

Legal experts have warned if a president of the republic is not chosen by the deadline of April 6, new elections may be required to end the political deadlock.

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