Peshmerga and international coalition officials stress on military coordination between Erbil and Baghdad
During a meeting between the Chief of Operations of the Ministry of Peshmerga the commanders of the Global Coalition against the ISIS, stressed on the necessity and importance of military and security coordination between Erbil and Baghdad.

According to the Khalk news website, in the meeting between Jamal Mohammad, Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Peshmerga of the Kurdistan Region, and General Todd Bruce, Senior Advisor to the Global Coalition Against ISIS, the activities of the Ministry of Interior and the Iraqi Ministry of Defense to set up joint forces between Peshmerga and the Iraqi army for conducting joint operations and the settlement of the Kurdish forces in the disputed regions, claimed by both Baghdad- and Erbil, for providing security in the regions were discussed.
During the meeting, the two sides traded views on the security and military situation in the regions and the Kurdistan Region, and stressed the need and importance of military and security cooperation and equality between Erbil and Baghdad.
The recent meeting of a Peshmerga delegation with officials of the Iraqi central government was also considered as an important and effective step in strengthening relations between the two sides.
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