Iraqi PM deploys security forces in Baghdad after threats from militia
In response to threats from militias that they would attack the security forces in Baghdad, Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi deployed the security forces in large numbers in the Iraqi capital late on Friday night, December 25, warning that the government was ready for a decisive confrontation if necessary.

Earlier on Friday, footage circulated on social media featuring gunmen apparently from the Asaib Ahl al-Haq militia threatening Kadhimi and demanding the release one of their leaders who had been arrested in connection with Sunday’s rocket attack on the Green Zone, which left one Iraqi solider wounded and elicited a strong reaction from US officials.

On Kadhimi’s order, the security forces deployed in large numbers in parts of central Baghdad in a show of force designed to deter any action from the militia, according to al-Hurra news agency.

 “We have worked quietly to restore the confidence of the people, security services, and the army after it was shaken by the adventures of outlaws,” Kadhimi tweeted.

 “We called for calm to prevent our country from being thrown into another absurd adventure, but we are ready for a decisive confrontation if necessary,” he added.

Later, Kadhimi personally visited the forces that were deployed in the capital.

Spokesperson for the political bureau of the Political Bureau of the Sadiqoun Movement, the political wing of the militia group, Mahmoud al-Rabie denied that Asaib Ahl al-Haq intended to attack the security forces.

"There is no military parade of Asaib men in Baghdad,” Rabie said, suggesting that those depicted were from old videos or were not connected with the group.

Reports suggested that the group had stood down following mediation from other Shia political blocs.

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