Our policy is to continue Kurdish-Kurdish negotiations: ENKS member
A member of the legal office of the Kurdish Patriotic Council (ENKS) said the Democratic Union Party always obstructs the Kurdish-Kurdish talks in northern Syria and does not allow the talks to be concluded.

Rezwan Seydo, a member of the Kurdish Patriotic Council (ENKS) legal office, told Kurdpress about the prospect of the talks between the Kurdish Patriotic Council (ENKS) and the Kurdish Patriotic Union Parties (PYNK) and stated that the ENKS has recently held talks with the US representative in the negotiations and the Kurdish council announced it was ready to continue the Kurdish-Kurdish talks.
He continued: "We told the Americans that the autonomous administration and the ruling party of PYD (Democratic Union Party) are continuing their previous actions such as arresting ENKS supporters and members, burning the offices of the council, making difficult living conditions for the people, expensive living conditions and illegality."
Mr. Seydo added: "After this meeting, the council had a meeting with Mazlum Abdi, the head of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), in the presence of the US representative, and the council announced that it was ready to continue the talks, but the prisoners should be released, corruption and oppression in Syrian Kurdistan should be stopped and actions should be done for the livelihood of the people."
The ENKS member further told Kurdpress that: "The ENKS policy is clear and it is always ready for talks, but each time the other side creates an obstacle for the talks to continue."
He added: "The PYD creates hurdles every time and does not allow the negotiations to be concluded."
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