US serious for a final deal between Kurdish parties in Syria
The United States seeks to conclude stalled talks between the Syrian Kurds.

Sources have told Kurdpress News Agency that the US State Department delegation in Syria is seeking the resumption of meetings between the Syrian Kurdish parties.

Although two years have passed since the beginning of the dialogue meetings between the Kurdish Patriotic Union (PYNK) and the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) parties aimed at political unity among the Syrian Kurds, there are still many problems and obstacles to their final agreement.

A Kurdish party source, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Kurdpress that Matthew Pearl, the US State Department's representative in northeastern Syria, was seeking to bring the negotiators back to the negotiating table and speed up the process of reaching a final agreement.

The two Kurdish currents have different political affiliations, with the Kurdish Patriotic Union parties are in the autonomous administration, while the Kurdish Patriotic Council is affiliated with the Syrian opposition coalition based in Turkey.

The source noted that the US State Department delegation has recently held several meetings with the two sides without disclosing their content and results.

He added: "The US representative is looking for a final agreement between the two sides in order to complete the mission of his predecessor, William Rubak."

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