There is no agreement between Damascus and Kurds over a security square
A journalist from Qamishlo reported no agreement had yet been reached between the Syrian Kurdish-led autonomous administration and government forces on the security square.

"After the central government laid siege to the Kurdish neighborhoods of Ashrafieh and Sheikh Maghsoud in Aleppo and send the 4th Army Division to siege the areas, Asayesh security forces took control of some civilian areas inside the government-controlled security square, in retaliation for the move by Damascus," said Lawrence al-Sha'ir, an Arab journalist based in Qamishlo, on the clash between security forces affiliated with the Kurdish Autonomous Administration and Syrian government forces in Qamishlo.

He continued: "The two sides held several meetings with the mediation of Russia to resolve this issue, but have not reached a conclusion so far."

"Security forces have not yet left these centers and Damascus has not issued an order to end the siege of Ashrafieh and Sheikh Maghsoud neighborhoods," the journalist told Kurdpress

Sha'ir stressed the situation in Qamishlo was calm and the security forces had blocked the neighborhoods leading to the security checkpoint and the Qamishlo airport.

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