Clashes erupt between Iraqi military, YBS in Shingal
Clashes erupted between Iraqi military and Shingal Resistance Units (YBS) in Shingal district on Monday.

According to Esta Media Network clashes erupted between the two sides at 5:30 p.m. after Ezdikhan Asayish (security) refused a request by a unit of the Iraqi military to leave the area in Sinune town near Shingal.
“Clashes intensified after a YBS force and more Iraqi troops arrived at the sight,” they noted.
There were no comments from the Iraqi government or the YBS.
Two officers in the Iraqi forces, two YBS members, and at least one civilian were wounded in the clash between the two forces.
NRT reported that the two wounded YBS members and the civilian were taken to Sinune Hospital, but the civilian was later transferred to a hospital in Mosul due to severe injuries.
Ezidi Press said the clash broke after Iraqi forces demanded YBS security forces surrender at the checkpoint and civilians were then wounded by stray bullets.
The new development in Shingal came after Turkish military launched a new cross-border operation in several areas in the Kurdistan Region.
Turkish warplanes, helicopters, drones, commandos and special forces participated in the air and land operation, according to the ministry.
Turkey’s defense ministry stressed that the operation was “carried out in coordination with our friends and allies”, without giving further details.
Turkish officials privately say they believe Baghdad is firmly on their side in fighting the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), according to Reuters.
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