China TV says Turkey is misusing tensions between Kurdistan Region and PKK
Part of Turkey operation in the Kurdistan Region is related to the issue of Turkey's abuse of political differences between the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) PKK and the Iraqi Kurdish region, China World Television wrote in a report on Turkey's recent operation against the PKK.

Turkey launched a new military operation three days ago under the pretext of confronting PKK forces in the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

China World Television has reported on the reasons for such an operation in Iraqi Kurdistan. The report cites unresolved differences between the Kurdistan Region and the PKK as one of the reasons for Turkey's escalation of such operations against the PKK.

China World Television has stressed that Turkey is misusing the differences between the KRG and the PKK to confront the Turkish Kurdish opposition group in the KRG.

Referring to political and ideological differences between the PKK and the KRG, the network pointed to the verbal attacks of the two sides against each other and said that the PKK and the KRG did not accept the political approaches of each other, especially regarding Kurdish issues.

The network went on to say that another reason for Turkey's attacks on the PKK inside Iraq was the unwillingness or inability of the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Region to restrict the PKK from entering Turkish territory.

The network reported the unprecedented support of the Kurdistan Regional Government to Turkey in attacking PKK forces, given the coincidence of operations against the PKK and the visit of the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region to Turkey.

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